About Kishan



          Pon Maa Kishan is the Founder and President of WINGS OF AERO. Previously working as Initiator and Coordinator of ISRO Outreach Network Centre as well as Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering at Chandigarh University. On June 2019, Chandigarh University is selected as one of the ISRO Outreach Network Centre which is established under Aerospace Engineering. Pon Maa Kishan who have taken initiative to work on collaborated projects with ISRO Centres like IIRS, VSSC, ISRO Propulsion Complex. Under this centre, ISRO certified courses are organized for the students and faculty of Chandigarh University. So far, more than 500 students and faculty have engaged in ISRO activities under CU – ISRO Outreach Centre. Pon Maa Kishan is also acting as Editor in Chief – “T.E.M.S International Journal [ISSN: 2456 8368]” and Reviewer at “Materials Proceedings” – Elsevier.

          His area of specialisation is Hypersonics and Aerospace Vehicle Design. Pon Maa Kishan have published 5 Research Articles and authored 2 Aerospace Engineering Books. He also have international Copyright for “Aero Anthem” and filed a patent for “Airfoil Devices”. In October 2019 – He along with his team member have broken a Guinness world record for “World’s largest Hydro Rocket” by achieving an altitude of 104 feet.

          He organized three national conference and aero award events along with many international webinars and also he have acted as moderator for many lectures along with Scientist, Professors from eminent organization like NASA, ISRO, University of Bristol, Southern New Hampshire University, etc., He also been awarded as “Mentor of Change” by NITI Aayog – Govt. of India.

          One of his research article is awarded as “Best Article” during International Conference on Functional Materials in the year of 2018. He has been selected as “NASA Co-ordinator for Scientist for a Day” in the year 2020. On Dec 2021, he relieved from Chandigarh University and turned into full-time entrepreneur.