I am relieved from Chandigarh University

On Dec 2021, I am officially relieved from work at Chandigarh University.

Keeping in mind that “my personal life should not impact the life and career of my beloved students”, I am leaving the role of AP/Aero & ISRO Outreach Coordinator @ CU.

It’s been great for the past four years, the love and support given by Punjabi people is really great.

I take this moment to thank Dr. Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Professor/Head, Aerospace Engineering for standing my side in all the ups and downs during this timespan.

I thank all the faculty members and lab instructors, office personals, etc.,

Special thanks to haters for making me survive for these years.

I also thank @Baldev Arora, @Sourav Pal, @Aadya Mishra, @Gurmail Malhi, @Sanjeev Dhama for your love and support. Sorry for not informing you all about this sudden decision.

I thank my beloved students for their support and wish to see you all in great heights at your respective career. I am leaving this role just for you guys, for not handling the sessions properly for last two months due to personal reason. Sorry for that.

Finally I thank Mrs. Aishwarya Dhara for her 13 years of friendship, mentoring, constant support and caring towards my life goals. Without you the goal of @wingsofaero is not achievable.

I request all of you to forgive me, If I have done anything wrong unintentionally or If I have hurt you anyway in the past.

Keep always in mind and always say #jaiaerospace