World’s Largest Hydro Rocket

World’s Largest Water Rocket is successfully launched by the Department of Aerospace Engineering Faculty and Students.
On 10/10/2019 evening at 7.20 PM, a team of faculty and students belongs to aerospace engineering, Chandigarh University has launched a water rocket which broken all the existing previous worldwide record. The previous record of the world’s largest water rocket measures 4.04 m (13 ft 3 in) tall and 44.5 cm (1 ft 5.5 in) in diameter, and was created and launched by Aidan and Keeley Aird (both Canada) on the set of “Furze World Wonders” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 10 June 2017.
A new record is created by a team of 3 aerospace engineering faculty and 18 aerospace engineering students of Chandigarh University which designed a Water Rocket with a configuration of 5.1 meters tall and 52 centimetres in diameter and by launching the team achieved an altitude of 104 feet on 10/10/2019. The attempt was taken place at Sports Complex of Chandigarh University where more than 100 people visualized the launch. Ajit Kumar Chetry and Shiv Kumar, the final year students of Aerospace Engineering of Chandigarh University have played a major role in designing, testing and analyzing the rocket and finally achieved these records within a budget of $500.
With this attempt, the previous record is broken by a team of Chandigarh University in all categories of a) Height of the rocket, b) Diameter of the rocket, c) Maximum altitude attained by the rocket.  We are dedicating the achievement to the entire aerospace engineering community.
The following are the team members of this project
Ajit Kumar Chetry – Final Year Aerospace student
Shiv Kumar – Final Year Aerospace student
Ajin Branesh – Assistant Professor / Aerospace
Ankit Kumar Sinha – Final Year Aerospace student
Ajay Kumar – Final Year Aerospace student
Basit Gulzar Sheikh – Final Year Aerospace student
Milind Kumar Jaiswal – Final Year Aerospace student
Arunima Gautam – 2nd Year Aerospace student
Ashwini Daphale – 2nd Year Aerospace student
Rajvansh Singh Bhuee – 3rd Year Aerospace student
Vinayak Tyagi – 3rd Year Aerospace student
Anjali Kalta – 3rd Year Aerospace student
Bhanu Pratap – 3rd Year Aerospace student
Anubhav Choubey – 1st Year Aerospace student
Kushagra Singh – 1st Year Aerospace student
Kush Mandey – 1st Year Aerospace student
Tarun Sunkara – 1st Year Aerospace student
Abhishek Sharma – 1st Year Aerospace student
Pon Maa Kishan A –  Assistant Professor / Aerospace [Principal Investigator]
Aishwarya Dhara –  Asst. Prof. / Aerospace [Principal Co-Investigator]
The team members wish to acknowledge the following people who support this project:
Shri Satnam Singh Sandhu – Hon’ble Chancellor of Chandigarh University
Dr. S.S. Sehgal – Engineering Director, Chandigarh University
Dr. Dharmahinder Singh Chand – Professor/Head – Chandigarh University
We thank Mr. Manik – Lab Assistant, Aerospace Engineering – Chandigarh University for his support and help.
we also thank faculty members, lab assistants, and students of aerospace engineering for extending their support towards the project.